Henry Crocker

Technical digital marketer with 11+ years experience in cross-channel campaign production, data, websites, and content strategy.

Specialties & Services

Introduce your brand, welcome new contacts, nurture existing customers, re-engage lapsed customers, and get regular performance updates – all on autopilot.

Sales pipelines

Customer journeys

Email collection

User retention & re-engagement

Transactional communications

Internal communications

Automated reporting

Omni-channel digital marketing for streamlining established marketing strategies, augmenting marketing teams, and trying out campaigns.

Channel-specific targeting

Budget recommendations

Product & service launches

Recurring campaign planning

Time-limited promotions

Testing creative or new channels

Clarity is complex. Data stored across different tools, privacy laws, tracking capabilities (and lack thereof), exterior influences – I help make insights simpler.

Tracking implementation

Testing for campaigns, websites, and branding

Surveys for customers, market research, and internal company culture

Auto-updating dashboards for easy access to insights

Data collection, storage, and use process improvements

Accessible WordPress and Squarespace websites optimized for search, speed, UX, and responsiveness.

ADA Accessibility improvements with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) compliance up to Level AAA

SEO and performance improvements

Tool recommendations and integrations

Tracking implementation 

Landing pages

Content writing

Areas & Industries

The hospitality industry is fluid. Seasonality, lead times, cancellations – it’s a long list. Marketing for restaurants is complex and demands my entire digital marketing toolbox. The teams are always dynamic, sometimes manic, and driven by a mission to serve. Just a few of the reasons I enjoy it so much.

Client highlight: Rose's Restaurant Group (5+ years)

Rose's Luxury

A Michelin Star

Pineapple & Pearls

A Michelin Star
A Michelin Star

Little Pearl

A Michelin Star

Rose's at Home

Event & Home Catering

I work best with passionate, service-driven people. New initiatives and causes always interest me, and I am particularly supportive of the following advocacy areas:

  • Healthcare Reform & Patients’ Rights
  • ADA Issues & People with Disabilities
  • Justice System Reform
  • Animals. Any of ’em, I love ’em all.

Client highlight: Innovations for Poverty Action (3 years)

A global behavioral economics research and policy nonprofit committed to reducing global poverty with evidence.

Marketing, Lobbying & Advocacy

As a patient, I want the cannabis industry to grow from a healthy foundation of accessibility, compassion, equity, and research.

As a marketer, the ways brands navigate the volatile cannabis landscape fascinates (and sometimes horrifies) me. I am always curious about new products, research, and initiatives, especially here in Arizona.

My digital marketing agency work focused primarily on e-commerce advertising funnels, data analysis and reporting, and automated sales pipelines for B2B clients. The objectives ranged from launching local early-stage companies to testing regional campaigns for established international brands.

Client highlights:


A non-exhaustive list of digital marketing tools I use. If you’re curious about a specific tool you don’t see here, just ask.

Search and Display (Google, Bing, YouTube)

Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit)

Programmatic Ad Networks

Direct ad buys from publishers

Amazon Ads

Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager

Google Data Studio

Transaction/POS Data

CRM Optimization


Google Surveys

Survey Monkey

Excel / Google Sheets




Constant Contact


Publication partnerships

WordPress + Elementor



Google Search Console

Google Trends





Copy for ads and emails

Website content

Blogs and articles

Downloadable white papers


Creative writing







Canva (graphic design)

DaVinci Resolve (film editing)


Google Suite (Gmail, Meet, Calendar, Drive)


GoTo Meeting


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