Henry Crocker

Digital Marketing, Strategy & Technology

Phoenix, AZ / Remote

Restaurants & Hospitality

You want sales. Seats filled, tickets sold. But nothing’s simple with restaurants – do you need more reservations vs walk-ins? To fill events in advance? Awareness for a new service (or help launching one)?

Every restaurant’s objectives and challenges are unique to them – and so are my marketing strategies.

Rose's Luxury and Michelin Star

Dining and digital behavior targeting

Show guests specific messages based on what they order, how often they dine, or what they do on your site. These segments can be used for targeting marketing, and also by restaurant staff for guest intelligence. 

Automated pre- and post-reservation communication

Pre-visit is great for upselling, cross-promotion, and brand building – Post-visit is prime for survey data, guest retention, and getting reviews.

Catering and private event sales

Build webpages to showcase services, automate communication trees for different service types, and make sure all data from every contact point is stored and useful to the team.

Fill seats and events

Schedule regular cover reports and analysis, and send campaigns as-needed to help hit targets. Promote events in advance and track sales to guide marketing efforts.

Local SEO and profile management

Technical website updates and content marketing are some of the SEO battle. Get maximum exposure with on-brand profiles across Google My Business, Yelp, and every site that sells.


I work best with passionate, service-driven people. New initiatives and causes always interest me, and I am particularly supportive of the following advocacy areas:

Healthcare reform, patient rights, disability advocacy, justice system reform, and anything animal-related.

“Giving Season” campaigns

End-of-year tax write-offs, Giving Tuesday, holidays, matching gifts… how will you stand out in the noise?

Large donor nurturing

Larger donors can see organizations as partners. Your fundraising communication should reflect that, with personalized 1-to-1 targeted outreach and regular automated messaging.

Google Ad Grant

Initiate and run the Google Ad Grant program, which awards qualified nonprofits with $10,000 per month free ad budget.


As a patient, I want the cannabis industry to grow from a healthy foundation of accessibility, compassion, equity, and research.

As a marketer, the ways brands navigate the volatile cannabis landscape fascinates (and sometimes horrifies) me. I am always curious about new products, research, and initiatives, especially here in Arizona.

Cannabis content marketing (SEO)

Familiarity with the product as both a patient and recreational consumer, cpupled with deep SEO experience, makes me uniquely qualified for cannabis content management.

Direct media buys

With the restrictions on major ad networks, buying ad space directly from publishers is effective. I research viable outlets, arrange the campaigns, and generate all the assets.

Dispensary Loyalty Programs

Automated email and SMS campaigns are a pillar of dispensary marketing. I build and manage multi-channel automations for transactions, promotions, and personalized messaging.


I’ve worked with agencies in-house, as a contractor, and as partners handling a client. My work focuses¬†on e-commerce advertising funnels, data analysis and reporting, and automated sales pipelines for B2B clients. The clients ranged from local early-stage companies to regional campaigns for established international brands.


Reserve a number of hours to utilize me as-needed. For when you have a lot of client work and the team is spread thin, and you don’t know where exactly you’ll need which skills.

Specialist role

When you need to fulfill a specific specialty for your clients. Whether you lost a specialist, need to add the specialty to round out a client strategy, or have a one-off campaign.

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