Henry Crocker

Digital Marketer & Analyst


Accessibility standards aren’t an add-on for me – I follow them with every project. The obvious ethics aside, let’s make sure every person (and every dollar) that wants you, gets you.

Website Accessibility Audits

Marketing Accessibility Audits

Usability Tool Recommendations

Data from all your tools and lists turned into actionable insights and auto-updated dashboards.

Campaign Performance

Lead & Sales Funnels

Revenue Attribution

Season & Holiday Trends

User Behavior

User Personas

Research, testing and qualitative data collection to help reach your most receptive audiences (note: pairs great with the quantitative data)

Customer Surveys

Internal Team Interviews

Site & Campaign Testing

User Personas

Digital Behavior Tracking ("Heat Maps")

Find workflow improvements that make life easier, and don’t require major habit changes from your team.

Content Management

Software Recommendations

Google Workspace Setup

Comms & Project Management

11+ years producing multi-channel campaigns, data analysis, websites, and content strategy.


Full implementation of multi-channel digital marketing campaigns. I am experienced working closely with multi-discipline teams and contractors.

Email & Database Marketing

Content Marketing

Campaign Template Libraries

Paid Search & Social Advertising

Display, Video, Network Advertising

Direct Publisher Partnerships

Qualify leads, build your email list, and nurture new customers through to purchase – without spending any of your team’s time.

Lead & Sales Funnels

User Retention & Reengagement

Chatbot Integration

Transactional Communications

Behavior-Based Automation

Real-Time Performance Dashboards

Accessible WordPress and Squarespace websites built to get found, convert, and look good doing it.

Accessibility Audits & Improvements (WCAG 2.1)

Custom Conversion & Event Implementation

Website Builds & Redesigns


Search engine-optimized websites and content strategies that emphasize quality, UX and future growth.

Keyword, Topic Cluster & Trend Research

Search-Optimized Content Writing

Technical SEO Improvements

Longform Asset Creation (e.g. Downloadable Whitepapers)

Competitor Benchmarking

My experience working remotely across disciplines makes integrating with teams and other consultants easy.

Industries & Clients

The hospitality industry is fluid. Seasonality, lead times, cancellations – it’s a long list. Marketing for restaurants is complex and demands my entire digital marketing toolbox. The teams are always dynamic, sometimes manic, and driven by a mission to serve. Just a few of the reasons I enjoy it so much.

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I work best with passionate, service-driven people. New initiatives and causes always interest me, and I am particularly supportive of the following advocacy areas:

Healthcare Reform & Patient Rights

Justice System Reform

Disability Rights

Any & All Animals

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As a patient, I want the cannabis industry to grow from a healthy foundation of accessibility, compassion, equity, and research.

As a marketer, the ways brands navigate the volatile cannabis landscape fascinates (and sometimes horrifies) me. I am always curious about new products, research, and initiatives, especially here in Arizona.

Brands, activists, public sector – all are welcome and I want to hear from you.

My digital marketing agency work focused primarily on e-commerce advertising funnels, data analysis and reporting, and automated sales pipelines for B2B clients. The clients ranged from local early-stage companies to regional campaigns for established international brands.

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