Hi, I'm

Henry Crocker

a freelance digital marketer

in Phoenix, AZ

Henry Crocker, freelance digital marketer
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My Way of Working


I work with leadership, creative, and tech teams

Nearly all of my consulting and in-house roles have been working directly with founders, CEOs, and their senior management. Truly impactful marketing, analysis, and representation of your brand requires input from the people leading the vision and strategy.

My technical capabilities, training in UX & Design Thinking, familiarity with executive-level strategy & data, and creative content abilities mean I’m comfortable in any room.


An extra "digital" digital markter

Clients often have hard-to-define gaps in their technical capabilities, and they aren’t sure which specialty they fall under. I’ve spent my career filling those gaps, unblocking my clients, and producing campaigns start-to-finish. I know the tools to their robo-bones.

In the process I’ve developed more advanced digital marketing capabilities in website building, technical SEO, analytics, and database marketing.


I put creative care into all of my work

Every piece of work is made for your brand, in concert with you and your team. I apply all of my experience to everything I work on, and I aim for the highest quality product possible.

There are always constraints, and I’m proud of my ability to produce quick turnarounds in response to client needs (I work with restaurants, after all). But I’m not a generic headline generator, and I don’t reuse assets between clients. I take your brand seriously.

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